About the Property

The main house:

   The main building at Moonlit Cove – Christine and Jack’s home – is a sun-drenched, open style west coast home in soft pastels and wood trim. The large dining area looks south over a wide patio dotted with flowers and potted plants, with the inlet glistening below. An Arbutus tree, native to this small corner of the world, provides shade from the morning sun and a perch for the many species of birds that live here. Below, accessible by path, is a tranquil pond that invites contemplation. Below that, winding along the waterfront, is the “Galloping Goose Trail”, part of a network of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly paths that criss-cross the lower end of Vancouver Island and provide an alternate way to walk to the nearby town of Sooke (rhymes with "spook".)

   In the main house there is a large one bedroom suite  complete with fireplace, which can be used as an executive meeting place, group get togethers or retreats.

   We want to make your stay at Moonlit Cove a memorable one…  Just let  us know in advance if there’s anything special you would like to see or do,

   We will do our best to arrange it for you – reservations for dinner at one of Sooke’s fine restaurants, bearing in mind that one of the best restaurants in Sooke is literally next door

.If you are interested in Whale watching , we have one of the best  companies in Sooke ( Sooke Coastal Explorations ) ..or if you prefer soaring over the tops of the temperate rainforest on a ZIPLINE .with the Zipline Adventure Tours nearby the 17 Mile Pub, 10 min drive from the BB.

The Fuse Waterfront Grill

   Situated within walking distance from the BB on the Goose Trail  the Fuse situated by the waters edge offers a great selection of culinary treats. Stan Olsen , the owner and his fine staff will make your dinner date a memorable one.

Rush  Adventures  ( at the Fuse Location ) rents kayaks/ tours so you can paddle out onto the lagoon for a close and personal look at the local wildlife and  nature where the ocean meets land.

    At Moonlit Cove, we are  always looking for ways to turn an ordinary weekend into something really special.  If you have ever thought about doing a "murder mystery evening",  have a spa-type weekend, or set up a retreat weekend please call us .  New ideas from prospective/clients are welcome .Our goal is making  your stay a  truly unique and memorable experience.

Blackberry Lovers

A significan part of the property is covered with blackberry bushes, that produce their dark and sweet fruit for visitors to dig into, running from July to September. Our guests delight in this sweet experience… brings back childhood memories :).

Our wilder  residents, rabbits, deer,  a variety of birds and raccons can be observed  enjoying  this sweet treat !


Random Testimonial

Lorne and Debi P

Dear Chris:  We found it clean, quiet, private, PERFECT!  This is a place of magic and healing and you, my dear, feel like an old friend after 2 days.  And, as with an old friend, we won’t lose touch with one another…   Lorne and the kids were very happy here, the stacked fridge and little special touches make this B & B a must to stay in.  Please keep in touch, love – Lorne and Debi P., Mission BC.